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The blogiverse has no place for stereotypes. We are not all twenty-eight-year-old narcissists, living in a loft in Soho, writing about our upwardly mobile careers and our hopes and dreams for the upcoming election. We’re just not. Bloggers refuse to color in the lines. They are farmers, monks, iron man competitors, and video game geeks. They are high school students, college grads, lawyers, teachers, and middle school dropouts. And, increasingly, they are senior citizens. It delights me to find a new blog written by a baby boomer, or even a pre-boomer. They have so darn much to say! And I have so darn much to learn! And as much as I like to think my experiences are blog-worthy, I’ve got nothing on some of the long-in-the-toothers who have actual life stories worth sharing.

My dad died suddenly and tragically in 2000, but he had spent a good portion of the two years before his death  designing a life-story guidebook for seniors.  He felt strongly that everyone has a story to tell, and that it should be immortalized in pen and ink for future generations.  He would have loved to see how today’s older set are using blogging as a tool to share their stories. For instance, there are the fun flashbacks of I Remember JFK, which not only bring the 60’s and 70’s to life, but bring a smile to the soul.  And the delightful musings of a Northeastern upbringing in Growin’ Up In Maine. These trips down memory lane are a much needed catharsis for a generation flooded by pop culture immediacy.

Elderbloggers have been through the ringer and back again, and have wisdom to spare.  Who wouldn’t want to sit at the feet of folks who have come out on the other side of cancer, the loss of a child (or two), or a desert foxhole?  In a culture of rampant age-ism, we have forgotten just how much we need the sage advice of the experienced.  Whether it is someone forging a new life after the death of a spouse, or facing the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s, the honesty of first-hand accounts is invaluable.

And like it or not, we younger bloggers don’t have a corner on the ins and outs of hyperlinks and widgets.  While I’m still trying to get the hang of tweaking my font colors, Hasty Ruminations is publishing a large print blog for his fellow senior readers!  More than a few senior blogs are sporting customized headers, professional sidebars, and interactive menus. Apparently, creativity is ageless.

Today, like never before, the world wide web is offering a golden ticket to all those with seniority. This is your chance to spin your yarns, share your expertise, and exercise your techie muscles.  Sign up today for our free introductory blogging class, or take advantage of our professional Blogging 101 course.  The world is waiting for your story. And I, for one, will be standing first in line to glean a few nuggets from your deep mine of experience.

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