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Writer’s Block and Poor Writing Skills

It happens to everyone…writer’s block. You think you have written everything you can think of. You have tried brainstorming ideas with no luck. You are down to twiddling your thumbs in frustration. What’s a blog writer to do??

Maybe writer’s block isn’t your problem, maybe it’s poor writing in general. Don’t let poor writing contribute to your writer’s block and stop you from posting. There are solutions to your current corundum.

The best way you can improve your writing skills is by simply writing. Write everyday, even if it is considered poor writing. The simple exercise of daily writing does indeed boost your current skill level. I am not suggesting you keep a diary, or babble on and on. On the contrary, I am suggesting you write clear, direct, honest posts about things you see in this wonderfully wild world. Browse the latest magazines (all topics, not just the ones you are interested in) for ideas. Write about things you would like to see happen in this world. Write about things you are a part of. Write a post teaching something. Everyone likes to learn something new, perhaps you are the perfect teacher.

But wait a minute, I don’t want other people to read my poor writing and laugh, or worse, criticize me.

Oh ye of little faith! I would never leave you to the sharks. You can always write under an assumed name. As for critical comments, that one is a no-brainer, turn off the comments.

If you actually write every single day, even if it is only a paragraph, your writing will improve as will your confidence. The last suggestion is to read quality blogs, books, and magazines. Reading good writing will also help you write better.

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