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Where’s Your Heart? Part 1

Have you ever considered your reasons for wanting to blog? Is it because you really love writing, or you feel you have something to share with family, friends, or others. Maybe you like engaging strangers in debate. It’s fine to blog or want to blog because you have an interesting hobby or craft and want to share your expertise. Are you one of millions who want to create a presence in the blogosphere, or be a part of the bigger community of like minded folks. Perhaps you have a great eye for fashion, architecture, graphics… and want to share your knowledge with others.

Do you see a pattern in the paragraph above? No matter your reason for wanting to blog, everything is tied to YOU…what you produce! It doesn’t matter how many readers you might have, or how many comments are left. If you don’t have your heart in it, it’s all for naught. True ownerships reaps rewards.

Some of you might say, well I want to blog because I want to build my business, develop my brand, earn money from affiliate links… Those things can and do happen via blogs, but if they are the sole purpose of the blog, you might be in for an uphill climb. Whether your blog is a personal blog or a business blog, viewers come expecting to find frank and personal perspectives on a topic that you are passionate about. Make sure you are offering a quality blog that gives the reader helpful, meaningful, consistent content. You must put your heart into it

Where is YOUR heart?

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