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What Do I Write About?

You have decided to start a blog. Good for you! You’ve searched host sites and settled on one. You’ve spent hours, well days really, adding side bars, widgets, RSS feeders…Your new site will surely impress the readers.

Is the cold, brick wall hurting your head about now? All the fun stuff is done. It is time to actually draft your first post. Oh, the first post you say. Yes, the first post…did you forget that one small detail? Your readers need a post to actually read. What are you going to write about? It is time to knock the brick wall down.

If you are not sure what to write about, make a list of things you really love, things for which you have a certain talent, areas folks are always consulting you for advice… This helps guide you toward a blog theme. Your blog can be as unique as yourself, or as common as you please. The most important thing is to always blog your passion. If you are not passionate about what you write, certainly nobody else will be either.

Gerard Vlemmings is the author of  The Presurfer. His blog covers all things strange, funny, or weird on the Internet. This is a list , via Mr. Vlemmings, noting his 10 favorite funny, weird, strange, and interesting blogs. Our intention here is to help generate ideas for your new blog. The eclectic possibilities are endless. The sky is NOT the limit; your own creativity is the limit.

What do you have to contribute to the blogiverse? What are you passionate about? Be certain to get off on the right foot by signing up for our free Blog Writing Course so you can turn your idea into the blog the world has been waiting for!

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