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The Better Bloggers Bureau (Repost)

For the next few months, we’ll be featuring some of our best posts from the Blog Writing Course archives.  If you are new to our blog, then you will enjoy the opportunity to catch up with the terrific tips and tricks we’ve shared with new bloggers over the years.

Have you ever wasted valuable time reading a poorly written blog?  Maybe the title was catchy, or had a tag word that pulled you in, and you took time from your very busy life to read what was essentially virtual birdcage liner.  I’m thinking that there should be an official complaint service for that.   When people get gypped out of their money, they have recourse.  But time is money, right?  So if I put my hard-earned time into reading a boring blog, I want to be able to protest my loss.

I mean, what if there really were a "Better Bloggers Bureau?"  Don’t you think people would put a little more thought into what they blogged about?   If they knew that they could be reported for a dull business dinner story, a useless list of links, a regurgitated TV show review…would they write it?  Probably not.

Unfortunately, as bloggers, we’ve all had posts that could probably get us on the BBB radar, but there are specific things we can do to help us not waste our reader’s precious time:

  • Know our audience.  Who is your blog aimed at?  Although we may envision the whole world wide web as our oyster, realistically our scope has to be narrower, especially in the beginning.  By understanding our target reader, we are able to cater our writing to their interests, and keep them around for the long haul.
  • Know what makes good writing.  Doesn’t matter the medium – – books, magazines, newspapers, or blogs – – good writing is good writing.  We all recognize it, but we don’t all exercise it. But the good news is you don’t have to have a Ph.D in literature to be a successful blogger.  You just have to read a lot of blogs, and find out which ones you enjoy, and which ones made you fall asleep on your keyboard.  What is it about each of the interesting blogs that brings you back for more?  What do they have in common?  Those common threads of interest are the keys to helping you keep your blog off the BBB list.
  • Know your limits.  If you haven’t taken a single course in botany, you probably aren’t the key candidate for an informational blog about gardening.  The blogiverse is savvy…they know an imposter when they see one.  Even if you adore Japanese culture, you probably shouldn’t dedicate a whole blog to it if you’ve never even set foot in Japan.  It’s cliche, but true – – WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW.

One of they key ways to keep yourself off the Better Bloggers Bureau database is to find out everything you can about blogging.  Do your research, and avail yourself of the wonderful courses Getting Ready To Blog and Blogging 101. Your blog doesn’t ever have to be a waste of anyone’s time – – especially yours!

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  1. Ron Cramer's Gravatar Ron Cramer
    January 21, 2012    

    I wanted to let you know that I have been looking for a site to teach potential bloggers how to blog and write. I Googed your site and it kooks like it was written for me. Hopefully, after I begin writing blogs and marketing them by commenting on other blogs, Twitter, as well as other marketing, I may be able to get enough traffic to possibly use adsense or some other means to support my habit. Thank-You for the great post, ( I remember Barney too) as well as your other classes. I certainly plan on taking advantage of at least two classes I n. After I get my site up and running I’ll be sure to comment on other posts I briefly saw on my way though your site. I’ll be sure to check into it further soon. For other blogers, I believe it is a sign of respect to typryou instead of u and use capitols where you would normally use them. There is my first blog title!!

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