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Interview with Blog Writing Course Graduate

homeschoolonedge I have been following one of our recent Blog Writing Course graduates very closely since we kicked her out of the nest and asked her to fly on her own.  For one thing, we have a lot in common, so it was easy to add her new blog to my ever-lengthening blogroll.  But also, I was interested to see how she did with the information and experience she got during the 8-week training.

I’m thrilled to say she is doing superbly – – often far out-doing myself in terms of weekly posts!  So I asked her if she would consent to an interview so that I could present to our readers what a real-life graduate of the Blog Writing Course might be like.

Today, I present to you: Sarah, author of the blog: Homeschool On The Edge of Nowhere.

(My questions are in bold print)

Sarah, I’ve been following your blog closely since your graduation from the blog writing course, and it looks like you are doing great!  Tell us a little bit about what your blog is about, and the types of things you write about.

Homeschool on the Edge of Nowhere is about the things we accidentally learn while we are enjoying real life adventure. I include funny and true stories about rural life, frugality, gardening, "school", baking and making, discipline; basically if it happens in our lives it’s fair game for the blog.

What got you interested in blogging?

It started as an outlet for myself as a stay-at-homeschooler mom. I needed something that would somehow be both exclusive from and inclusive to my daily roles as mom, teacher, master organizer, and disciplinarian. Blogging fit the bill very well.

Now that you have been blogging for a couple months, how about looking back for a minute.  Would you say that the Blog Writing Course adequately prepared you for the world of blog writing?

Oh, you wanted more than that? :-)
The Blog Writing Course helped most with blog creation and start up. I was able to jump off and write from an informed position and a solidly built structure. Brainstorming practice during the course helped immensely with finding something to write about after the course was finished. I’ve felt ready to deal with potential problems (haven’t had any!) as well as being able to come up with subject material on the fly.

What was your favorite part of the course?

I really enjoyed the camaraderie of participating in a course with other folks interested in blogging. It was great to get their constructive feedback before my blog was even online. I also really enjoyed the breakdown of lessons; they were easy enough to complete and built steadily on one another toward the "finished" blog.

How do you think the experience you are having now with your blog would have been different, if you had tried the process from scratch on your own?

I’ve actually had both experiences and while it’s possible to create your own blog from scratch and enjoy it,  I liked this much better. I now understand terminology I didn’t before, I know about more resources and tools (and how to find them!) for blogging than I did previously. I think the course is especially helpful if you want to eventually make money from your blog. It’s also been easier to keep my blog somewhat more anonymously written than before. I understand more about the blogging community and how to respond appropriately to others in the community, as well. There’s a whole set of manners and rules of conduct that I didn’t fully understand before!

What has your experience been so far with drawing traffic to your blog?  Have you put any of the traffic-building suggestions from the BWC to use?

Traffic has been pretty good, actually. BWC suggested many different ways of building traffic, some of which I’ve used and have found to work for me and my blog type. One challenge I’m currently facing is getting readers to comment! While the traffic is pretty nice, it’s really the icing on the cake to see loads of comments too. Part of the challenge is to write in a way (and on a topic) that folks *want* to comment while not straying too far from what your core blog is about, another fine BWC lesson.

Has the blogging experience been positive so far?  Do you see yourself continuing to blog, at least into the near future?

Blogging has been a fabulous thing for me. It’s allowed me to stretch my horizons and gain support as a homeschooler. I’ve "met" some pretty terrific people though blogging who come from all walks of life and learned neat things from them. I see myself blogging for as long as my fingertips hold out. :-)


A big thanks to Sarah for taking the time to fill us in on what has been going on with her blog since her recent graduation.  I hope you will take the opportunity to head over to Homeschool On The Edge of Nowhere and check out her blog for yourself!

If you would be interested in signing up for the 8-week course that helped Sarah on the road to becoming a blogger, then sign up today to be included in the next Blog Writing Course


Until Next Time,


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