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HTML Is Not Scary

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language though it really isn’t a programming language. HTML is a way to describe how a set of text and images should be displayed to a viewer. It really is not that difficult to use.

Writing an HTML file simply means you will compose the text you want to display, then insert tags you want. The tags will need to be in the place you want something special to be shown. Some things you might want to use could be italics, bold, using a larger font, showing an image, using color, or linking to another Web page, or a combination of several. Tags begin with a < character and end with a > character. Between the <> characters are the tag name, and maybe some attributes, depending on the tag. HTML has many tags you can use, though you certainly do not need to know all of them in order to write HTML.

Here is a very simplified example of using HTML:

<TITLE>the title of your page goes here</TITLE>
<BODY>This is where the information for your page goes.

Here are nine easy tutorial lessons about how to use HTML. This page shows how to use HTML, Javascript, and web authoring tutorials starting with beginning steps up to advanced stuff.

Play around with HTML until you become comfortable using it. It will benefit you in the long run, especially if you use your blog for marketing.

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