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Immediacy.  Technically, it is defined as “the quickness of an action or occurrence.”  But on an emotional level, immediacy can be incredibly important.  If someone we loves is injured or in need of help, we want to know immediately.  When we have good news to share, we can hardly wait to find a listening ear.  Births, marriages, deaths – – they all appear as soon as possible in the local newspaper.  Finding out news when it happens makes us feel connected in a real way to those it is happening to.

For nonprofit agencies, this can be an important truth to digest.  Donors almost always feel emotionally connected to the causes they support.  For any myriad of reasons, they believe that their chosen cause deserves attention and funding, and they are willing to put their own hard earned time and money into it.  But just like any investment, donors deserve a return.  And, rightfully, this return ought to somehow involve timely news on how the agency or organization is managing its resources.

One way that nonprofits are successfully handling this in recent years is by creating their own blog.  The whole premise behind blogging is bringing up-to-date information to the public, and that is exactly what savvy nonprofit agencies are doing.  They are nurturing the emotional connection of their donor public by bringing them up-to-date news on the ups and downs of the issues involving their organization.  When supporters get current information about the cause they support, they feel emotionally linked with its successes and failures.

Large nonprofits such as the One Campaign, are utilizing this tactic successfully.  The One blog is not only featured prominently on the agency’s website, but is updated several times daily.  To donors, this says that the organization has its eye on the ball, and is keenly involved in its own agenda, and in keeping others informed with its progress.  These are key ingredients to getting and keeping support.

The Greenpeace organization goes even one step further, and encourages its supporters to blog about subjects relating to environmental concerns.  They then link the contributing blogs to their own blog site, Making Waves, thereby increasing attention to their cause and creating a community of like-minded bloggers who feel passionately connected to the nonprofit and its issues.

If you are involved in a nonprofit organization, and would like to learn more about blogging, and how it could benefit your cause and your supporters, why not sign up for our free Introductory Blogging Course and discover the basics and the vocabulary of the world of blogging.  And if you decide that your nonprofit might truly benefit from an ongoing blog, then you will definitely want to take the Blogging 101 course where you will be guided every step of the way through designing and setting up your blog, writing quality content, and building your audience.  Then you will be well on your way to delivering the timely information and creating the immediacy that your organization’s supporters want and deserve.

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