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Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build traffic to your site and gain faithful new followers. So how do you accomplish this great feat? It’s not all that hard to do. Identify a blog that is similar to yours and already has a big following. Next, read that person’s blog. Look at […]


In grammar, an adjective is a ‘describing’ word; the main syntactic role of which, is to qualify a noun or noun phrase, giving more information about the object signified.  Adjectives assign value to the words they modify. They tell you how you should feel about those words. The New York Times ran an article in June of 2012 in which they actually scolded themselves for overusing the […]

Writer’s Block and Poor Writing Skills

Writer’s Block and Poor Writing Skills

It happens to everyone…writer’s block. You think you have written everything you can think of. You have tried brainstorming ideas with no luck. You are down to twiddling your thumbs in frustration. What’s a blog writer to do?? Maybe writer’s block isn’t your problem, maybe it’s poor writing in general. Don’t let poor writing contribute […]

5 Super Easy Steps to Attract Blog Readers

5 Super Easy Steps to Attract Blog Readers

What is the second most important part of your blog after the title? Eugene Schwartz was one of the very best copywriters ever. We still “borrow” his material today. It was not uncommon for him to spend an entire week on the first fifty words of an ad–the headline and the opening paragraph. His specialty was direct-mail […]

Wishes Do Come True

Blogging is such a great adventure. It gives you the fabulous opportunity to share what’s on your mind with millions of folks you will never meet. It gives you the opportunity to grow your business in a new direction. It gives you an opportunity to connect with family and friends. It gives you an opportunity […]

HTML Is Not Scary

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language though it really isn’t a programming language. HTML is a way to describe how a set of text and images should be displayed to a viewer. It really is not that difficult to use. Writing an HTML file simply means you will compose the text you want to […]

The Reluctant Writer No More

The Reluctant Writer No More

Today we are sharing a post from Quaint Scribbles. This post discusses how a homeschool Mom, Jackie, uses blogging to help encourage her reluctant writer. The ideas in this post are great for not only homeschoolers, but non-homeschooled kids as well. So pull up a chair and find out to jump start your child’s writing […]

What Do I Write About?

You have decided to start a blog. Good for you! You’ve searched host sites and settled on one. You’ve spent hours, well days really, adding side bars, widgets, RSS feeders…Your new site will surely impress the readers. Is the cold, brick wall hurting your head about now? All the fun stuff is done. It is […]

Where’s Your Heart? Part 1

Where’s Your Heart?   Part 1

Have you ever considered your reasons for wanting to blog? Is it because you really love writing, or you feel you have something to share with family, friends, or others. Maybe you like engaging strangers in debate. It’s fine to blog or want to blog because you have an interesting hobby or craft and want […]

Blogging 101 gets all “A”s!

Blogging 101 gets all “A”s!

I was looking this morning at the recent comments from students who have taken our eight-week online blog writing course, Blogging 101.  We offer a survey to those who have completed the course, and we use the results to help us make the course even better and more helpful to future enrollees. As a perk, […]

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