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So you have your first blog up and running.  You’ve written several posts, and you might have even gotten a comment or two.  So how do you know that things are going the way they are supposed to?  Is there a magic blogging fairy that lets you know that you are on track, and that your blog traffic is growing?  Well, yes and no.

Although there may or may not be magic wands and pink tutus involved, there are definitely some magical fairy-like tools out there that can help you keep up with the facts and figures of your blog on a daily basis.  Tools such as Statcounter and Google Analytics can seem almost supernatural in their ability to help you understand who your readers are and how they are interacting with your content.

I was quite a novice to web tracking software before I began my blog.  I’ll never forget the feeling of awe that came over me when I realized that I could actually see a virtual “map” of where my visitors were from.  In the first few weeks of monitoring my blog, I saw that I had readers all the way from Punxsutawney, PA to Dublin, Ireland, and many places in between.  That was incredibly cool, but not terribly useful.  I soon realized that it was much more helpful to find out not where they were physically when they dropped by my blog, but virtually.  What sites had sent them my way?  And why did they choose to click on over?

By understanding the “why” behind your traffic, you can begin to tweak your strategy, and appeal to your demographic.  This is very similar to any advertising strategy.  Take the candy company Mars, Inc. for instance.  For years they had marketed their popular M&M confection to children everywhere with their popular slogan, “Melts in Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands.”  Their TV commercials were filled with doe-eyed cuties holding out their hands after chowing down on some of the multicolored treats, to prove that they hadn’t gotten a handful of melty chocolate goo in the process.  But Mars got wise to something after several years of this advertising.  The fact was, that the majority of M&M connoisseurs weren’t actually kids, after all.  Adults were the true core of their market share for the candy.  So naturally, along with this new wisdom came a completely different marketing strategy – – the M&M guys.  These characters were aimed at entertaining the more grown-up set with their tongue-in-cheek humor.  And it has worked incredibly well for Mars, Inc.

It is that ability to take information, and make it work for you that sets you apart as an advertiser – – and as a blogger.  Knowing the stats of your blog is interesting, (and sometimes discouraging!), but it is what you do with those stats that will help you grow your blog audience.  And for most bloggers, that is what it’s all about!

If you are interested in blogging, but just haven’t been sure where to start, you should definitely sign up for our free blogging course that will give you an introduction and a foundation to the world of blogging.  Once you are familiar with the vocabulary and background of blogging, though, you will want to take our Blogging 101 course.  This subscription based course is taught by a successful seasoned blogger who will guide you through all of the steps of designing and setting up your blog, writing quality content, and growing your audience.

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  1. June 19, 2008    

    This post is incredibly timely for me. I started my hockey blog in February 2008 but did not start using Google Analytics until this month. I missed the opportunity to gauge the readers early on so now I’m scrabbling to find of who my readers to help with better blog writing and blog promotion/exposure. I wanted to be competitive in this niche. I wrote a post two days before a hockey analyst blogger and he has 11 comments to my none. Now I have a personal internal competition with him because averages 332% more profile views per month than I. Besides the recommended courses, any more suggestions on writing quality content and growing an audience?

  2. June 20, 2008    

    The Blogging 101 course is chock full of info on writing “to your reader”, writing quality content, and growing your audience. As a course alumnae, I can definitely tell you it would be incredibly beneficial. Thanks for your comment!

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