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Blogging As A Creative Writing Tool

I remember the first time I considered I might like to become a writer.  It was in a high school English class, and we were required to keep a daily journal for our class, and each day as I wrote out my thoughts and feelings, my English teacher would write encouraging feedback. She would comment on my creativity, my ability to put things into words, and my humor.  Well, naturally, this made me want to be even more creative, expressive, and humorous.  I began working longer and harder at making my journal entries entertaining and readable.  There was just something about knowing that someone was going to be reading my work that made the writing process more compelling.

This is the whole idea behind blogging, really.  Putting down your thoughts and words for others to read and possibly interact with.  If you are a writer, or even an aspiring one, you might want to consider starting a blog to hone your talents.  There is no faster way to get your writing out to the masses than through a blog.  And there is no more efficient way to get feedback on your efforts. 

Have a story you’ve written but haven’t been able to sell?  Why not take that story, break it into blog posts, and let your readers decide why it may not have been publishable.  Not only will you get them coming back to find out “how the story ends”, but by asking them for their feedback, you will be getting free editorial advice. (But don’t ask unless you are tough-skinned enough to handle both positive and negative criticism…the blogosphere can be brutally honest!)

Have a writing genre that you have been too chicken to try out?  A blog is the perfect platform for an experiment.  If you have always written prose, but want to branch out into poetry, start a poetry blog and see if other people respond to your verse.  Or go really wild, and blog about your day using iambic pentameter.  You will have learned something about yourself and your writing by stepping out of your comfort zone, and you will have lost nothing in the process.

There are numerous ways to practice your creative writing talents through blogging.  You can:

  • Write a free-form thought association blog
  • Try out your humor material on a tough audience
  • Write a mystery or sci-fi serial that will keep your readers coming back for more
  • Practice your review skills by critiquing books or websites, etc.
  • Invite your readers to join you in creating an interactive story
  • Create a choose-your-own-adventure blog, where your readers get to pick how they want your story to go

The possibilities for creative writing blogs are endless, and limited only by – – well – – your creativity.  If you would like to get started writing your own blog, we would like to help.  Sign up today for one of our online courses to guide you through the steps of creating and writing your very own blog.

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