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Blogging 101 gets all “A”s!

checkmarks I was looking this morning at the recent comments from students who have taken our eight-week online blog writing course, Blogging 101.  We offer a survey to those who have completed the course, and we use the results to help us make the course even better and more helpful to future enrollees.

As a perk, though, it is also really encouraging to read how much our students have enjoyed the course.  I thought today I would share with you some of the supportive things our alumni have said about Blogging 101.

I learned a lot in eight weeks. A lot more then I expected. Not once did I get bored of the weekly assignments or think it was a waste of time. I am the person who at times loses interest quickly and that did not happen with this course

I would recommend this to absolutely anyone. I really felt the pace was just right and I got WAY more out of it than I expected. I am VERY pleased with my blog and all of the help getting going. It was truly a bargain

The course was easily explained and understood

I’ve already recommended it to two friends. I was impressed with the progressive format and the helpful information

I learned all I needed to know and more about setting up a new blog. I had very little knowledge on the subject and had done a lot of reading online before I started this course. But I got even more information that was not readily available elsewhere.

We are so proud of this course and delighted that those who sign up are getting a quality blog writing course for an incredibly reasonable price.  If you have been thinking about blogging, this may be exactly the course you’ve been looking for.  And thanks to our students, you don’t just have to take my word for it!

Sign up today!!

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  1. Ron Cramer's Gravatar Ron Cramer
    January 21, 2012    

    If I had any doubts about taking your bloging course, they have been far removed from my mind. I too procrastinate and begin projects that are still lying around the house. Good luck with all of yor blogging as I plan to begin mine.

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