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Blog Writing Course – – Week Two

week two

Here at BWC, we have just successfully completed week two of the  Blogging 101 course.  This time around we have 18 students enrolled, and this is an eager and diverse bunch of learners!

Some of the students are absolute newbies to blogging.  This course is their first attempt to cast their line into the waters of the blogosphere, and they are doing swimmingly!  In two weeks time, many of them have decided on their theme, settled on a title and a tagline, and even have their new blog registered with a blogging host.

Others in the course have been around the block a time or two, and have already created and set up blogs on their own, but are looking to make improvements to the look and feel of their blog.  They also want to know more about how to build their readership and possibly even make money with their hobby.

The great thing about both groups is that they are willing to learn from one another.  The course members are quick to provide support, advice, and positive criticism to each of their classmates as they work through the process of creating or improving their blogs.  The collaborative aspects of the Blogging 101 course are what sets it apart.  No amount of blogging books or websites can substitute for the one on one interaction and feedback you receive in a course such as this one. 

If you have been considering starting up a new blog, or improving on one you already have, why not try out our free pre-course or go ahead and sign up for our next 8-week session of Blogging 101.  If you are going to blog, you might as well learn the fun way!

Stay tuned for more updates on our current session of Blogging 101 and other info on starting and maintaining a blog.


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