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I’m one of those people who don’t do anything until I am either required or inspired. Deadlines are my best friend.  So are new ideas.  I didn’t start up a blog until I was asked to take a blog writing course.  Once I had taken the course, I was definitely inspired to blog. 

But inspiration only goes so far, and then you need a jumpstart again.  For me, that comes from reading other blogs.  Some bloggers just “get it.”  They have this intuitive sense of what readers want to see when they come to their site, and they just make it happen.  I am in awe of those folks.  The talent and dedication they put forth in their blog definitely inspires me.

One blog I have recently discovered that has it all together is

How do I describe the Pioneer Woman?  Hmm.  First of all, it’s just scrumptious to look at.  The design in itself is something to drool over.  It’s laid out perfectly, with navigation out the wazoo, and photos to direct you to every aspect of the site.  But beyond the visual and practical, this blog is pure escapism.  If you’ve ever vegged out to an episode of The Bachelor, Lost, or CSI, you understand the draw of drifting into another world for an hour or so.  This is the premise of the Pioneer Woman. 

For those of us stuck indefinitely in suburbia, the Pioneer Woman is our glimpse into how the “other half” lives.  And by other half, I mean, of course, those who wake up one day and find themselves married to a cattle rancher, with four children to homeschool, and cooking up fried cow nuts.  This bloggin’ gal, who might just have more readers than God, is generous enough to share her cooking tips, photography tutorials, remodeling ideas, and the fun and crazy antics of her hubby, Marlboro Man, and her four “punk” kiddos.

If you’ve been looking for something new, something fresh, something better-than-average to inspire you on in your blogging, this site may just be the ticket.

(Warning: declares that visiting the is for entertainment purposes only, and takes no responsibility for any addictive obsession you might have after entering the site!)

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