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My recent interview with Christine Moers got me thinking.  She talked about using blogging as free therapy, and I think maybe she may have stumbled upon something.  Writing is incredibly therapeutic.  In fact, other than getting my fingers in the dirt, I can’t think of many other things that calm me as much as putting words together into sentences.  I’ve probably been writing for therapy for as long as I can remember.  I know I kept a diary all the way back in the third grade, and I was writing whole stories in junior high.

When I am emotional, I write about it.  When I need to work something through, I write about it.  When I just want to blow off some steam, I write about it.  Not everyone uses writing to deal with their issues, but for me, it is a sort of lifeline to sanity.  So, I suppose I was destined to discover blogging.  Blogging is basically just “public venting,” if you think about it.  Instead of keeping all those thoughts inside, or just writing them down in a notebook, a blogger makes himself or herself vulnerable and lets the blogosphere have a window into their mind.

Of course, this can be a precious gift, or a disastrous decision, based on your mood at the moment of posting.  If you are centered, and feeling secure about yourself, an insightful blog post can be incredibly beneficial for everyone who reads it.  If you are overly emotional, and out of sync with your true self, you can say some things on your blog that you might seriously regret later (thank goodness for that terrific edit/delete functionality!).

But overall, blogging really can be therapeutic.  Even if you are writing a purely informational blog, you are still exercising your talent of expression when you post.  The words, phraseology, and tone of the information is all right from the core of who you are.   Even business blogs can have a positive effect on your psyche if you are able to talk openly and honestly about your product or service.  If you feel strongly about the item you are blogging about, then there is no better therapy than letting others know how important it is to you, and why it could be important for them.  Personal blogs are probably the most expressive type of blog, because your readers are getting all-you-all-the-time.  There are no filters, no editors, and no censor between your mind and your audience – – just your words coming through loud and clear.

So, if you have considered finding an outlet for your thoughts, dreams, or insights, you might just be the next big thing in blogging!  You will never know unless you give it a try…so why not sign up for our free Introductory Blogging Course today?  If you discover that blogging is something you want to pursue, you will definitely want to take our Blogging 101 course, which will help you set up a new blog, start the writing process, and build your blog audience.  What can you lose…except some overpriced therapy bills??  Why not blog instead?

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  1. June 28, 2008    

    Topsy – Great post. Let me quote myself: Why do I blog?

    I get this question all the time. I think it’s a funny question. I think it’s a question best answered with a question.

    Why do we do anything? I train in karate and run and nobody asks me why. I am a voracious reader and nobody asks me why. I sometimes watch TV and nobody asks me why. I have a job that interests me although it might not be the most lucrative way to spend my time and nobody asks me why. I sometimes go to see films or plays and nobody asks me why.

    I blog because I’ve always liked to think, reflect, and write…..

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