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Blogging 101

There are millions of bloggers out there and even more blogs. Don’t be just another unread blogger! Find your niche, create your community, and blog to the masses. If you want to write an interesting blog that people want to read and keep coming back for more, Blogging 101 can help you.

This eight-week**, fully-automated, comprehensive course will guide you through all the basics of creating and establishing your new blog.  The units covered in the Blogging 101 curriculum include:

  1. Introduction to Blogging (all the basics for the beginning blogger
  2. Laying Your Cards On The Table (blog titles, platforms, and start-up instructions)
  3. It’s All About Me (blogging safety, “About Me” pages, and blog design)
  4. Build That Content and Make It Snazzy (writing quality posts, commenting, and adding media)
  5. It’s The Little Things That Count (sidebars, widgets, categories, and static pages)
  6. Mi Blog es Su Blog – – Building Community (growing a readership, blog promotion, and blogrolls)
  7. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (more blog promotion strategies and monetizing your blog)
  8. Looking Back and Looking Forward (tips and strategies for continuing to grow your blog after the course)

When you have completed the Blogging 101 course, you will have not only learned the basics of blogging, but you will have your VERY OWN BLOG, several quality posts, and very possibly a growing following of readers!  Our course goes in-depth into the specifics of blogging – – everything from beginning html, to how to tie your new blog to your Twitter or Facebook account, to registering your blog with directories.

If you follow through with each of the course assignments, you will start out WAY ahead of the average blogger who tries to start a blog on their own.  It is highly likely that you will already have begun to build traffic for your blog before you have even completed the course!  Why struggle and learn every blogging lesson the hard way when you can simply register for Blogging 101 and begin the process as a knowledgeable and competent blog author?

Sign up today to get started on the blog you have dreamed about!!

**Although you have complete access to your course for 8 full weeks, you may choose to complete the course in a shorter time frame if you wish.

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Still not sure??  Why not check out a couple of sample lessons from our Blogging 101 course!

Course Samples

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