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About Us & Our Blogging Course is designed to get you started writing your own blog. We have two courses: a free PreCourse (you can register and take it online whenever you want to) and an eight week paid Blogging101 course.   We also have a blog about learning to write a blog, written by Topsy-Techie –  You can subscribe to the blog, it’s free.

Course History – From the point of view of the First Student

I was looking around the internet, wondering why my blog wasn’t attracting traffic. I had blogged faithfully for months.  I started wondering why my blog was a dud while other blogs fared so much better. At one point, I emailed a blog that I was following and asked blog author BlackBeltMama:  “Why does your blog succeed in attracting loyal readers and mine doesn’t?”

Her answer rang true. I was thrilled and crestfallen at the same time. She nailed it on the head with some  insightful specifics. She said (and I’m summarizing and paraphrasing since her response was a model of diplomacy and euphemism with even an encouraging hint of “you are almost there”): “While your writing is good, the blog overall has no appeal. And even if it was appealing, you don’t know how to promote it.”
Since I’ve always been a sucker for a good kick in the backside, I tried to hired her as my tutor/editor but that structure seemed wrong.  When it was clear that I needed more help than just some editing, I asked her if she would create a course on the topic. She agreed. And the 1.0 egg was laid.
Who Offers the Course – The is part of a little educational group called Vkidz Inc that includes (Online Writing Classes for students) and (Interactive Online Learning K-8).  Vkidz also runs (spelling help anyone?), Vocabulary Learning Fun (word games), and a new website with free educational games.
More History - The initial course as developed in 2007-08 by BBM & John & Kris was named  We invited half a dozen colleagues and contacts to take the initial course as a pilot. A lot of enthusiasm and several successful bloggers emerged from the initial group including the current course instructors. Everyone immensely enjoyed it.  After trying to market the course as for awhile, we rechristened it the less colorful but more marketable:
With new blogging teacher (and Blogging 101 alumnus) Topsy-Techie at the helm, the course began to evolve and grow even more.  We have added totally new content, made changes in response to feedback from former students, and have created what we think is one of the most fun and interactive online blogging courses available!
The blogging course is now fully automated, with a lower price point, and we are constantly updating it both from feedback and due to a rapidly changing world.  There are plans for a book (publishers, please DO call) and we are expecting calls from Letterman and the Today Show along with interviews from the New York Ttimes and Atlantic Monthly soon.
We are now offering it to you.  Try it. It’s a lot more fun blogging when you have readers reacting to your writing.  Oh, and if you are blogging for the money, you’ll learn that having an audience is well over half the battle.

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